Give Back

 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  
- Matthew 6:21

Give Online

You can give online through Paypal by clicking on the button below.  
(You do not need a Paypal account to give through Paypal)

We are truly grateful for your tithes and donations.

Give In Person

There are collection areas around the church dedicated to collecting your tithes and offerings.  Look for a wood podium with a slit in the top to drop your giving in. If you're having trouble finding it - ask someone! (Thank you!)
Note: If you're staying home and watching the live stream due to the Coronavirus, and you prefer to give by paper check, you can give by mail to

3280 S 4th Ave; Yuma AZ 85364

Give By Serving

Finances are a necessary part of keeping a church going, but we wouldn't be able to get by on finances alone.  A wonderful team of servants in every area - from sweeping to security - keep our church going.  Please prayerfully consider where the Lord might have you help.  If you're not quite sure what's needed or where your gifts lie - you're not the first!  Reach out to someone through the Contact link and we'll let you know what ministries need support, and do our best to guide you!